Bike Couriers in Fitzroy

When you need to send and deliver items within a matter of minutes or hours, using traditional postal services is out of the question. Fortunately, Cargone Couriers offers affordable express courier services in Fitzroy as well as other suburbs in and around the Melbourne CBD.

We can collect a wide range of items of varying sizes and deliver them to the required destination in as little as 15 minutes or, at most, by the end of the day. Our independent bike couriers in Fitzroy are the best choice when you need express and urgent deliveries.


Why Choose Cargone Couriers?

At Cargone Couriers, we eliminate the middle man so that your job is sent directly to our bicycle couriers in Fitzroy to ensure maximum responsiveness and promptness. This is just one of many reasons why we are considered the best couriers in Fitzroy. Other reasons include:

  • By using bicycles, we reduce traffic congestion which makes us an environmentally friendly choice for deliveries across Melbourne
  • You will know exactly how much our courier services will cost and you can pay using a credit or debit
  • We treat your items with the care and respect they deserve
  • We offer free insurance for all items that we deliver
  • You can stay in direct contact with the courier in charge of delivering your items

Get a Quote Today

If you need a courier in Fitzroy to deliver items promptly, you can trust the team at Cargone Couriers. Give us a call on 0450 553 933 or contact us online to learn more. You can also receive an estimate courier cost by following the simple instructions near the top of our home page.

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